Your partner for the complexities of healthcare.

The capital needs of many healthcare businesses can be intense, and managing the payment process requires increasing levels of sophistication. The day-to-day tasks of running an efficient business can get in the way of tending to the cash flow needs of active healthcare service providers. We are equipped to provide the product and services to simplify the cash flow management needs of a thriving operation, such as working capital lines of credit for day-to-day cash flow and longer-term credit products for expansion, acquisition and equipment financing.


Lockbox Services

The Palmetto Bank’s Lockbox service can be used to process payments from co-pays as well as other entities that may not pay electronically. This remittance processing platform was built with an eye towards flexibility and can accommodate not only payments by check, it can also process credit card payment requests.

Remote Deposit Capture

The Palmetto Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture1 can be used in local offices to scan check payments and make deposits electronically, thus eliminating the need to courier items to the bank. This service can easily be deployed in multiple locations.

Operating in conjunction with Global Payments, one of the world’s largest transaction service providers, we offer a full suite of Merchant Services1 products. This platform is extremely reliable and will accommodate most, if not all, of the preferred credit and debit cards found in the market today.

With electronic settlements playing an increasing role in the healthcare payment process, The Palmetto Bank’s eTreasury1 information reporting platform provides easy access to much needed financial information via the Internet. Deposit data can be exported in a variety of popular formats for use in many of the financial reporting software packages on the market today. Rather than introducing yet another financial management tool, this platform feeds existing tools thus keeping overall funds management much more efficient.

In addition to reporting, the eTreasury platform can also be used to initiate electronic payments. Wire Transfers1 and ACH transactions1 can be easily and securely originated. Wire transfers are attractive for larger transactions and when immediate settlement is required. The ACH payment vehicle, on the other hand, has a slower settlement process and is typically used for higher volume, lower dollar transactions. It is attractive in that it can provide for the direct deposit of payrolls as well as drafting for repetitive payments. There is also a bill payment module for the added convenience of making payments more efficiently.

Our Investments and Financial Planning professionals are well versed in the financial needs of the healthcare professional. We provide services that range from account opening to funds transfer to facilitating investment transactions. We work to ensure that banking is simple and efficient and that your resources are always working for you.

1Subject to credit approval.