How to control your cash flow. Instead of vice versa.

If you’re in manufacturing, you have unique challenges. Proper inventory levels must always be kept. Equipment is always in need of repair, enhancement or replacement. And attention must be given to the collection of receivables and, of course, employees and vendors must be paid in a timely manner.

At The Palmetto Bank, we have a team of experienced bankers who will work with you to design and implement a banking plan structured specifically to meet your needs. Our array of credit products will provide the working capital needed for day-to-day business activities. We also have longer-term offerings for purchases of equipment, acquisitions and expansion of operations.


Having the information needed to make quick decisions is also critical, and The Palmetto Bank’s eTreasury information reporting and transaction initiation platform provides that service. Balance information is available on a real-time basis, but transactional data can also be exported in formats that can then be easily imported into the sophisticated financial management software used by most companies today. Rather than provide another decision tool, The Palmetto Bank provides the information to feed existing company platforms where decisions and long-term projections are made.

In addition to information reporting, we offer collection products such as Lockbox Services or Remote Deposit Capture to speed the conversion of payments into cash. The Palmetto Bank’s lockbox product speeds the collection of receivables and frees companies from processing live items. Remote Deposit Capture lets you create and submit check deposits electronically to one or more accounts—without ever having to leave the office.

Choose a checking account that matches the needs and wants of your business. We can accommodate the transaction volumes of companies of all sizes, while offering personal service and convenience you can count on.

eTreasury enables clients to quickly and securely originate Wire Transfer and ACH transactions. It also offers an online bill payment module for added convenience. Wire transfers may be securely initiated via the eTreasury platform or by calling or faxing designated contacts within the bank. ACH transactions are often less expensive to send and receive than mailed payments, and the timing is typically more precise.

1Subject to credit approval.