How to prepare for the unpredictable.

The economic environment for retailers can be tumultuous. That’s no surprise if you own a business. You’re often faced with unpredictable cash flows, as well as increasing pressures from bigger stores and web-based sales operations. We can help.

We have a team of seasoned relationship managers familiar with the unique demands of the retail business. Armed with an array of credit and transactional products, they are well equipped to design a suite of banking services that can provide the strength and flexibility you need to succeed.


Our short-term loan option allows companies to borrow and repay as often as needed to smooth the cash flow cycles. Companies may borrow during the off-seasons as they build inventories and then begin paying down balances as the inventory converts to cash.

We offer credit products with advances based on receivables and inventory levels. Unlike the more intense daily credit monitoring programs, our platform favors monthly reviews. This frees companies from the daily grind of having to submit reports to lenders and allows our commercial relationship managers to take on more of an advising role rather than that of a taskmaster.

If you are a small business or just starting up, we have significant experience with Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, which partners with lending institutions in structuring and guaranteeing loans. There are many attractive options available, and our specialty lending departments are experienced in virtually all of them.

To facilitate the flow of cash into your business, The Palmetto Bank has a number of products that fit nicely into most retail operations. We offer a robust Merchant Services program for processing plastic-based transactions. We also offer Remote Deposit Capture that allows companies to make deposits directly from their offices using a desktop check scanner and a secure Internet connection. Companies with multiple locations can have multiple scanners to facilitate the flow of funds into company accounts.

Information management is also a key component to the success of any company. The Palmetto Bank’s eTreasury platform, an Internet-based information reporting and transaction initiation service, provides easy access to banking information. Balances are reported in real time and reports and transactions can be easily downloaded into essentially all of the financial management software on the market today.

Electronic transactions are becoming more important and eTreasury will accommodate those as well. Wire transfers and ACH transactions are easy and secure. In addition, this platform offers a bill payment module for added convenience.

1Subject to credit approval.