“Home sweet home” for all your finances.

Imagine your bank accounts, credit card accounts, mortgage accounts, brokerage accounts—even utilities and mobile phone providers—in one location. Now imagine tracking your spending and saving patterns with charts and graphs to help you visualize how your money is moving in and out, along with creating a budget in minutes so you can stay in control of your spending and reach your goals. Now it’s possible. Personal Financial Management from The Palmetto Bank is here!

This powerful tool will transform the way you manage your finances. It’s called Personal Financial Management (PFM), and it is available today when you log in to Online Banking with The Palmetto Bank!

Personal Financial Management helps you gain more control over your finances. Some of the key benefits include:

  • A personal financial dashboard pulls together account data from both The Palmetto Bank and other financial institutions. You’re provided with a consolidated picture of all your finances at any time.
  • One-click data updates so you can see your most recent account information.
  • A net worth statement allows you to track your assets and liabilities so you can see your overall financial picture at a glance. It displays not only account totals but other assets like a home or property. The information is presented in a classic balance sheet format.
  • We’ve partnered with Zillow.com to incorporate current, real-time valuations of your home value into your net worth calculations.
  • Transaction details are categorized either automatically or according to customized rules created by you. You can see how and where you are spending your money.
  • Portfolio performance charts allow you to review account performance and asset allocation in graph or pie formats.
  • Budgeting tools allow you to see what you have spent by category for the last month or specified period of time. This helps you to set budget goals to meet your personal goals.
  • Set up transaction and balance alerts to remind you when bills are due, account balances are low, high dollar transactions have been processed against a specific account and more.
  • Add manual/custom accounts that can track personal assets or liabilities that may not have a web presence (such as a gold coin collection or a loan to a family member) and to track billers and other non-financial account/password information.

Experience the power of Personal Financial Management today. Simply log in to Online Banking, click on the Personal Finance tab and accept the Terms and Conditions to get started.